Saturday, September 29, 2012

Book Review of Jump Cut by Ted Staunton: I received this book from the early reviewers club on librarything, and I was very surprised at how fast I read this book! I loved the story it is appropriate for all ages and super funny! I can't help saying that GL the old lady/ actress in the book reminds me of the madea movies:) I thought the book was great, it's about a boy named spencer who is asked in his grandfathers will to go to buffalo and tape GL kissing him on the cheek, but little did he know GL would hijack a car at the retirement home and make him and her grand daughter go on a journey with her and there is a little something in the trunk they discover when they hear thumping coming from the back end of the car! I don't want to sit and spoil this entire book I will just say YES and two thumbs up for Ted Stauntton. I really liked the book and all the characters were so real and funny and I would recommend this book to anyone who likes some adventure and a good laugh. Thanks Mr. Staunton for such a wonderful book and am so appreciative for my copy of it.(less) ( )

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